Cinnamon and date porridge with apple and roasted buckwheat


Cinnamon and date porridge with apple and roasted buckwheat


First we coat pieces of Nelson dried suphite-free apples and dates with cinnamon then add these and roasted buckwheat groats to our rolled oats and oat bran. The buckwheat groats stay whole during cooking to give little crunchy bites of flavour. The apples and dates provide such a well rounded flavour that we do not add any sugar, none is really needed.

People have different approaches to cooking porridge, some insist that it should only be cooked in a pot while others prefer the microwave method.

Here is what mumma bear suggests:

If you are not sure, try mumma bear’s microwave method as it is the easiest:

Take 1/3 cup of dry mix and add 2/3 cup water. Zap in the microwave for 1 minute, stir and zap a further 30 seconds.  For the purists, on the stove for 5 mins is the way to go.
Serve with your favourite topping.
Now you are fuelled for the day – go enjoy it!!

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 1572kcal; Protein 11.4%; Fat 6.2% ( Saturated 1.2%); Carbohydrate 61.5%; Sugar (from the dates) 9.4%; Fibre 11.9%.

Weight N/A

600g, 2kg