(Almost) Gluten free porridge


A gluten free porridge mix that cooks quickly into a delicious creamy porridge – based on locally grown flaked quinoa



Important note: Because our supplier could not get puffed amaranth from the usual source because of Covid shipping difficulties, we recently accepted the ingredient from a different source. On testing the new version of the porridge mix it gave a result of 7ppm for gluten – a very low value, but not no gluten (which is below 3ppm). We will be changing back to the original source as soon as we can but in the meantime, we recommend that people with celiacs disease do not use this porridge.  It is very low gluten, but not no gluten, for now, hence the ‘Almost’

A creamy gluten free porridge based on amaranth, quinoa and rice flakes with generous amounts of dried NZ sulphite-free apples, dates, almonds, chia and roasted buckwheat.

You prepare it the same way as our ordinary porridge – to 1/3 cup of dry mix add 2/3 cup water. Zap in the microwave for 1 minute, stir and zap a further 30 seconds.  For the purists, on the stove for 5 mins is the way to go.
Serve with your favourite topping.
Now you are fuelled for the day – go enjoy it!!

Nutrition% The porridge mix has 10.5% protein, 12.4% fat (only 1% saturated) 20% sugar and 8.7% fibre. We do not add any sugar, the sugar in it is the apple and dates.

Weight N/A

600g, 1.5kg