Nut lovers premium muesli


Nut lovers premium muesli is our most nutty muesli, with 20% nuts – hazelnuts, almonds and cashews, making it high in protein, healthy oils, slow digesting carbohydrates and fibre.


All our premium mueslis are made by adding 20% extra goodies to our muesli base. With Nut Lovers the extras are three varieties of nuts – hazelnuts, cashews and almonds. As well as being very tasty this one has the lowest sugar and highest protein and healthy oils levels of all our premium mueslis and is very sustaining. Our muesli or granola choices with the highest nut levels can be very helpful for managing stable blood sugar levels.
Nutrition per 100g: Energy 1910kcal; Protein 14.4%; Fat 22.1% ( Saturated 3.3%); Carbohydrate 45.1%; Sugar 5.4%; Fibre 10.2%.

Weight N/A

700g, 2kg