Steelcut oat porridge with quinoa, chia and slivered almonds


Steel cut oat porridge with chia, quinoa and slivered almonds added. Cooks quickly to give a porridge with a pleasant slightly grainy texture. As well as making the porridge nice to eat, the extras add to the nutrition profile, making this porridge rich in plant proteins, healthy oils, dietary fibre, and slow digesting carbs.

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Steel cut oats have been sliced rather than rolled, so the porridge has a slightly different texture. They are claimed to digest more slowly than other types of oats. The steel cut oats used here are fine steel cuts and cook as quickly as our rolled oats. We add chia, quinoa and slivered almonds to make this high in plant proteins, fibre, healthy oils and slow digesting carbs, and very low in sugar (we don’t add any).
To prepare, per serve, take 1/3 cup dry mix and add 1 cup water. Slowly cook for 5-7 minutes then serve with your favourite topping.


Nutrition per 100g: Energy 1593kcal; Protein 14.5%; Fat 10.2% ( Saturated 1.4%); Carbohydrate 55.4%; Sugar 0.5%; Fibre 12.3%.

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700g, 2kg