Introducing mumma bear and her team
Rose Lindley, aka ‘mumma bear’ to her family, is a health professional and a foodie with a life long love of preparing great food. All mumma bear foods are made personally in our commercially registered kitchen at the foot of Mount Pleasant, Christchurch. Rose and her husband and business partner Tim, a food scientist, live nearby.​

We seek to provide you with the best foods we can make, using locally sourced ingredients where feasible and select premium quality when using imported ingredients. When browsing our products look for hazelnuts and walnuts which we get direct from local growers, and Timaru organic blackcurrants and Nelson apple slices from slightly further afield.
Our products are low in sugar (in many products we add none at all!), high in dietary fibre, and rich in wholegrains and very slow digesting carbohydrates (the ones you need to keep you fuller for longer).

Gluten free
For people who have to be gluten free we have granola, and a bircher-style overnighter that are completely gluten free, and also see our very low gluten porridge. The rest of our range all include oats. In New Zealand you are not by law allowed to call oats gluten free, because about 1 in 5 people with celiac disease react badly to oats. We do not use any high gluten cereals in our foods or or kitchen

You can order online through this website; or visit us our Christchurch farmers market stalls – Rose at Deans bush / Christchurch and Tim at Lyttelton 9am-1pm on Saturdays; or call in to the production kitchen at 2/2 Soleares Ave, Mount Pleasant, Christchurch – always open on Wednesdays 10am – 4pm and open any other time Doris the bike is tied up outside!