Rose in the kitchen

Introducing mumma bear and her team
I am Rose – aka mumma bear. The mumma bear story is one of a hobby that has got way out of control – and I love it. As a nurse for 47 years (now retired) I have always been passionate about good health and good nutrition – to me they are one and the same. To start a food manufacturing business has not been a great surprise to my family and friends but this was never really my plan!!

All mumma bear products are processed in our commercial kitchen in Soleares Ave. My team consists of me, my amazing cook Piyanut (I refer to her as “wonderwoman”) and my very supportive husband (Tim) (retired scientist) who does all the messy paper work of the business and hears me out at 3 in the morning when I have another great, or not so great idea!!

I really am a very proud Kiwi and am always trying to source local ingredients where possible – otherwise I select premium imported goods. Whilst creating my recipes I have a few personal rules – the food must taste great and have a good nutritional profile, there must be no added preservatives, fillers or unidentifiable ingredients and of course it has to be affordable – food as it should be.

I started with 2 products and now have a range of 17 different mueslis, granolas, porridges bars and crackers. Included in this is a very popular Gluten Free Granola (less than 3ppm tested) designed for those with coeliacs disease, more recently I have added a keto friendly option.

My kitchen does not process any wheat, rye or barley – only oats! This is to eliminate any gluten cross contamination.

I love our product and I hope you will too! I appreciate feedback – good or bad – I am always trying to do the best for our customers.

You can order:
On line via the website;
Saturdays Christchurch Farmers Market (Rose) and Lyttleton Farmers market (Tim)
The kitchen/shop – open all day Wednesdays, often on Mondays and Tuesdays or any other time Doris the bike is outside.

If these times don’t suit just give me a ring 0273291818 – no one should be without their mumma bear!