For our Berry Best Granola

The real test of a food is whether people love it so much they come back for more, again and again.
Many people feel like that about mumma bear foods. Their thoughts are copied below:

Gluten free buckwheat granola June 2022
People who must be gluten free are very appreciative of this product, as their food choices are so limited. Here are three casual comments to us about our GF buckwheat granola online and at markets this weekend.
Thanks for producing such delicious granola:-)
It has been a game changer for me!
I don’t know what I would do without you guys

Porridge – A of Auckland May 2022
Just wanted to say, I brought some of your Cinnamon and date porridge from you at the market on Saturday. I brought it back to Auckland and it’s so delicious. I’ll certainly be ordering more!! It tastes soo good and I’m a porridge perfectionist! Thank you

Granolas – R of Christchurch August 2021
Have just ordered mine through Tim, have had this a few times from Riccaton bush market, and since having this amazing granola, I can’t stand awful supermarket cardboard granola. Thank You for your prompt reply and putting together the order swiftly for me for level 4 delivery.

Mueslis – B of Christchurch August 2021
“After trying a variety of Mumma Bear products I settled on the apricot and almond muesli. This provides me with the right amount of sweetness ( I’m addicted to dried apricots) and I love crunching the almonds. With yoghurt and fresh fruit this keeps me going until lunchtime. No mid morning hunger pangs!”

Mueslis – P of Christchurch August 2021
Why do I love mumma bear muesli? It’s got great flavours and is crunchy with the mix of nuts , seeds and fruit, and it isn’t overly sweet like most other mueslis. It also has low levels of salt and saturated fats. I’ve yet to find one in a cafe or a supermarket that is as good.

Granolas and and porridges – S of Riverton August 2021
We’ve been loyal fans since we first tried Mumma Bear at the Lyttelton farmer’s market.  I love your granola mixes with banana and milk in the morning for a crunchy and energy-filled breakfast, and owe surviving the wet and windy Southland winter to delicious, warm steel cut oats and porridge!  I think it’s important to eat ‘real’ food with ingredients that I can pronounce.  The fact that Mumma Bear uses high-quality ingredients that are naturally delicious without sugar or additives makes it an easy decision on how to start my day.

Gluten free Buckwheat Granola – S of Christchurch May 2021
In my whole life I’ve never enjoyed cereal and as a coeliac, I’ve found GF cereals even worse than usual. Until I tried yours!
Your muesli has changed my life. It’s now my favourite meal of the day:-)
Thanks – have a good day

Oat free porridge – B of Kaiapoi August 2021
I Love the GF porridge – After years of trialling and being disappointed – I have finally found a GF porridge that tastes and has the consistency of good old fashioned porridge – Thanks  mumma bear for making my morning breakfast awesome!

Bear Bars – from Kiwi cyclist Jack Bauer – (Tour de France team competitor), 2018
Hi Rose,
Jack here, the guy you gave your sports bars to at the Sat market. Hope you’re doing well! I thought I’d fire you some feedback on your bar – which was awesome. I tried it today out training.
First of all, as it’s a soft bar I expected it to break apart in my pocket, esp with body heat on a hot day….it didn’t. It stayed in perfect shape after 5hrs in the pocket in full on sun. Big thumbs up there.
Taste was great, loved the consistency – how it was so moist/easy to get down – kind of raw cake mixture. Big thumbs up on that, I haven’t found a bar so easy  and quick to eat before. Esp with the nutritional content your bar has. Really makes a difference when you’re trying to get energy in and breathing hard at the same time!
I tried the bar after 4.5hrs on the bike today, when the tank was really running low, makes it easy to get a sense of how quick the bar was absorbed. It took about 5 mins to kick in, along with a good 200ml of water – and I got a good 45′ of energy out of it. So yeah, I was really impressed! I wish I’d bought a whole box from you on Sat! 

Keep up the good work Rose, I look forward to seeing Mumma bear products becoming a household name in NZ!
Kind regards,
Jack Bauer