Bear bars


A high performance 80g energy bar made with whole foods – fruit, nuts, seeds and grains, with honey and coconut oil


Bear bars are a very high energy slow energy release snack bar perfect for athletes and outdoor adventurers.
They are big bars, minimal weight 80g (weight will vary a little with each as they are hand made), and contain 15 different ingredients, with about equal amounts of seeds, nuts, fruit and grains (and no artificial extracts).
We moisten the bars with honey and coconut oil and a little premium peanut butter.
They come as singly wrapped bars or a pack with three bars wrapped together.
These bars deliver some energy quickly then more slowly over a long time as the fruit, nuts, seeds and grains all digest at different rates.

Bear bars are endorsed by Jack Bauer, New Zealand international champion cyclist who declared them the best bar he had ever tried.

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 1561kcal; Protein 9.6%; Fat 20.6% ( Saturated 7.4%); Carbohydrate 42.2%; Sugar 21.7%; Fibre 7.9%.

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pack size

Single, 3 pack, 21 pack